Signing up for the Mortgage Insurance offered by your bank or mortgage broker may be the worst financial decision you ever make!

SAY NO TO YOUR BANKS MORTGAGE INSURANCE!.. Make sure you watch the disturbing investigation on CBC'S MARKETPLACE to find out why!


“Casey you are definitely the man!  You saved my wife and I over $120 dollars per month for the same exact coverage, just by getting us preferred insurance rates that our last advisor never even mentioned!  I guess it definitely was worth our time to have you review our existing policies!…thanks again for all of your help.”


Dave Degrassi & Jessica Robinson, Mississauga, Ontario


“We had Sunlife Insurance advisor that sold us some insurance and then we never heard from him ever again.  After speaking with Casey he clearly showed us why the type of insurance we had was not benefiting us at all, and had really only benefited the agent who sold it to us.  Thankfully we now have the proper type of insurance that will protect our family when we need it most, and we’re very grateful to have Casey as our financial advisor. It’s very clear that Casey’s always looking out for our best interests before his own, and we would highly recommend him to anyone looking for solid unbiased financial advice!”


Ben & Sheena Poitven, Oakville, Ontario


“Thankfully my wife and I were referred to Casey for a second opinion on our insurance policies.  Not only did he clearly explain all of our available options to us, but he was very patient and didn’t pressure us to buy anything in anyway.  After listening to his recommendations based on our specific situation, Casey was able to give us a much better insurance policy that was not only less expensive but was also for more insurance coverage!  Thanks to Casey’s advice we’re now saving money every month that we will definitely be investing with F1RST CHO1CE as well.  We would highly recommend Casey’s advice for any insurance or other financial planning needs.”


Mark & Magdelena Budisa, Streetsville, Ontario


“My wife and I have been clients for several years now, and in that time, we’ve conducted numerous transactions with both Casey and Wayne from mortgage refinancing to life insurance to managing our investments. These individuals have demonstrated that they have superior knowledge of their respective products and are able to deliver them with exceptional customer service. I have found that this combination is a rarity these days, and as such, I whole heartedly recommend their service to both friends and family with confidence.”


Clifton Sookdeo & Shelly Sharma, Caledon, Ontario


“Honesty, integrity, and professionalism are the three words that come to my mind when I hear Casey’s name. He has provided my clients over the years with the highest level of service and they always thank me for introducing them to him. Casey truly goes above and beyond.”


Deborah Robinson, Real Estate Agent – Royal Lepage


“We’re extremely thankful that we came in contact with Casey otherwise we would have the worst type of insurance coverage available! Our bank really pushed us to sign up for the mortgage insurance they were offering which we thought was a good thing.  If Casey hadn’t helped us to understanding the many disadvantages of the insurance offered through a bank, we still be overpaying for less beneficial coverage that may not have even paid out if we ever needed it!  Thanks again for your advice Casey, and going forward we will definitely be coming to you for our future mortgage, insurance, and other financial advice.”


Renato Silva & Jhenny Rodriguez, Mississauga, Ontario


10 reasons never to buy it from your bank!

Why avoid the bank’s critical illness insurance?

When you arrange a mortgage with your financial institution, you are offered to buy critical illness insurance with your mortgage. This benefit will pay off your mortgage should you be diagnosed with a critical illness that satisfies their policy definitions and requirements.


Here’s why you must say “no” to the bank:

- You do not own the policy. They control your policy and the coverage you receive.

- They can cancel your policy at any time, without your permission!

- They can raise your premiums at any time, without your permission!

- Your coverage terminates when you refinance your loan. You will be required to re-qualify medically and your premiums will go up.

- If you switch to another bank that offers you a better interest rate upon your mortgage renewal, you lose your coverage. Your premiums will go up.

- Your coverage is decreasing while your premiums remain level. This is a very expensive form of coverage!

- The proceeds are payable only to the mortgage company. You get nothing to aid in your physical recovery.

- Most banks limit their coverage to age 65. What about the next 10 years, when you are at the highest risk? The banks win, you lose.

- Illnesses covered are restricted from 3 to 8 at best.

- Most loan officers are not licensed to be insurance agents. They cannot, by law, provide you with insurance advice as they are not trained or qualified.


Here’s why you should buy a personal plan instead:

- You own your policy. You decide the coverage you need.

- Only you can cancel your policy at any time.

- Your premiums are guaranteed in writing not to change.

- Your plan is portable. You can refinance your mortgage at any time. Your plan stays intact and your premiums don’t go up.

- Proceeds are payable directly to you. Pay down debt, mortgage, and out of country medical treatments.

- You choose the length of coverage: 10, 20 years; to age 65, to age 75, or to age 100!

- Obtain coverage of up to 25 illnesses.

- Benefit from our experienced and licensed independent brokers who will help you to find the best solution.



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