“After losing more than 30% of my investment portfolio in 2009, my bank offered no other advice other than to leave my money where it was or transfer it to GIC. Thankfully I was referred to Casey who showed me some other amazing investment options that were not available through my bank, that would give me the potential to make up for my losses while also providing some guarantees.  I’m extremely happy that I listened to Casey’s advice and not my banks, as I’ve now managed to regain all of the money I lost and can now retire the way that I was planning on.  Thank you so much Casey you’ve made a huge difference to my life and I will continue to refer  anyone that I know to you with pleasure!”


Becky Cezar-Redublo, Toronto, Ontario


“My wife and I have been clients for several years now, and in that time, we’ve conducted numerous transactions with both Casey and Wayne from mortgage refinancing to life insurance to managing our investments. These individuals have demonstrated that they have superior knowledge of their respective products and are able to deliver them with exceptional customer service. I have found that this combination is a rarity these days, and as such, I whole heartedly recommend their service to both friends and family with confidence.”


Clifton Sookdeo & Shelly Sharma, Caledon, Ontario


“I have nothing but amazing things to say about F1RST CHO1CE Financial Group. Not only are Casey & Wayne extremely helpful and patient, but they’ve always taken the time to explain all my available options and make recommendation that would help me best attain my goals. I would recommend F1RST CHO1CE to anyone looking to plan for their future.”


Wilfido Rodriguez, Brampton, Ontario


“Honesty, integrity, and professionalism are the three words that come to my mind when I hear Casey’s name. He has provided my clients over the years with the highest level of service and they always thank me for introducing them to him. Casey truly goes above and beyond.”


Deborah Robinson, Real Estate Agent – Royal Lepage


“Purchasing our first home was a little nerve racking at first, but after speaking with Casey we felt completely at ease as we new we were in good hands.  Unlike our bank who took more than 2 days to call us back, Casey was always available to answer our questions and concerns no matter when we tried to reach him. Casey you made our first home purchasing experience a very pleasant one, and we really appreciated your advice regarding our life insurance options as well.  Thanks for everything…you saved us a lot of time and stress!”


John & Allison Botero, Mississauga, Ontario


“Working with Casey was an absolute pleasure from the beginning to the end.  Not only did he secure us a much better mortgage rate than the bank we’ve been with for over 15years, but he also helped us create a financial plan to help us to pay off our mortgage faster while creating wealth at the same time.  We’re very excited about working with Casey in the future and look forward to referring him to all of our friends and family.”


Peter & Lorraine Verners-Rufh, Oakville, Ontario


Are you looking for more than just great rates and excellent service?


Successful agents recognize the importance of personal and professional client service. They work hard. They are dedicated. And most importantly, they deliver! For those who believe in quality service, such an approach is the only way to do business.

As career sales agents nothing is more important to the success of your business than building solid, long term relationships with your clients.  Most agents know that their clients are their most valuable asset, and will go to great lengths to provide them with the absolute best service experience possible.  Unfortunately many others will overlook some of the easier ways to differentiate themselves, by simply providing extra services that are of great value to their clients.

If you’re currently working with a mortgage broker, it’s very important to know that all brokers are definitely not the same with services they provide, or the concern they have for your clients.

Just ask yourself the following:

Is your current broker constantly searching for ways to help improve your business and add value to your overall client experience?

Can they offer professional advice on other financial products and services that your clients will need?

Do they continue to provide exceptional customer service to your clients after the purchase or sale?

Do they encourage your clients to speak with a licensed insurance specialist, or do they recommend the overpriced types of bank insurance options, which have significant disadvantages for your clients?

If you answered NO to any of the above you should definitely reevaluate your current broker relationships.  Not only are your clients likely receiving questionable advice and a poor service experience from your referral, but you’re also missing out on an important opportunity to really help your clients and show them how much you really care.

I’ve listened when Realtors have told me:

– Give me fast effective service, and make me feel like you want my business.

– Be accessible, I want talk to someone who can make decisions.

– Don’t keep me, or my clients waiting for an answer.

– Work with me to find a way to make the deal happen.

– Give my clients a great rate.

But aren’t all brokers the same? It’s true. Most Realtors are absolutely repulsed by the typical mortgage broker who shows up unannounced at their open house or cold calls to ask for referrals. They’re sick and tired of the same old song and dance about ‘great rates’ and ‘best service’. They get annoyed every time a loan officer shows up at their office with rate sheets and donuts. Well, I would too. So why choose to work with me and F1RST CHO1CE Financial Group? It’s simple.

Mortgage Focused Financial Planning!

Click on the above link to find out what you and your clients are missing!

About me: I’m in the business of developing long term, mutually beneficial relationships with you the Realtor, and our mutual clients. I’m more than just your typical Mortgage Broker offering a great rate, I’m also an Independent Financial Advisor!  This gives me a few distinct advantages that are very rare in the industry.  In addition to providing your clients with first class customer service and the best mortgage products and rates in the industry, I’ll also recommend advanced strategies to help them not only pay off their debts and accumulate wealth, but also protect their savings and plan for their long-term health and financial well-being!

I provide after hours support and regular updates regarding your client’s application, as well as valuable marketing tools to help educate them on some of the important decisions they may be facing.  By working with a licensed advisor, you’ll definitely have a significant edge over your competitors, and your clients will benefit from unbiased professional advice that’s focused on improving their entire financial portfolio, and not just their mortgage.

Let Meet: Coffee, Tea, or Me!  I hope I’ve peeked your interest and made you think about whether your current mortgage broker relationship is benefiting you and your clients, or just the broker.  I work with a select group of top Realtors to help grow their business and look forward to doing the same with you.

The process starts with a simple phone call or e-mail on your part, and some good listening on my part. There’s no obligation, but your customers will definitely enjoy getting a mortgage the F1RST CHO1CE way. Feel free to contact me anytime to discuss your business or to simply say hello.

I can be reached directly at 416-315-1952 or by email at CCharlton@FCFG.ca


Casey B. Charlton,

Independent Financial Advisor